What can you do? 

Social support is vital to mental health...

...for parent and infant. 

Community is invaluable to brand new families. Help us ensure equitable & dignified access to social emotional support, education and resources for all perinatal families in the greater Charlotte area. We've only just begun and there is much more to do and more struggling families to reach. 

With your help, we'll get there. 

Mother Baby Bonding

Our goal is to always make sure families have access to the knowledge and nurturing they need to be the parents they want to be. So our services are always free of cost and judgement. 


Hearing from another parent who gets it, the challenges, the sleeplessness, and the not being able to take shower for days at a time, is a powerful source of perspective and support. 

If our cause speaks to you, please help us reach our goals. 

You can fundraise for us through our GiveButter platform here, or by selecting Mind Body Baby NC