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We are sharing the struggles that are common, but NOT often talked about, and that impact your emotional well being. These local practitioners work to support these issues in our community.
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Physical Recovery
-After Birth Recovery with Brenda Gajowski, DPT, PT
-Understand Your Body's Bleeding After Delivery with Katrina George, DNP, CNM, IBCLC

Common Consideration & Obstacles in the Birthing Process
-Unexpected C-Sections with Stephanie Barbadora-Froelich, OB/GYN
-Cystoceles with Stephanie Barbadora Froelich, OB/GYN
-Vaginal Lacerations or tearing at the Time of Delivery with Stephanie Barbadora Froelich, OB/GYN

Pre-Delivery Considerations
-The Importance of Prenatal Classes with Melllisa Willette, BSN, RN, IBCLC
-Induction of Labor with Stephanie Barbadora Froelich OB/GYN