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Completed Top 5 Things Topics

  • Birth Trauma- What is is? How it might look?

  • Baby Blues vs. PMAD

  • Development tips for first weeks after Birth

  • Finding a Culturally Competent Therapist

  • Common feelings in the first weeks of coming home

  • Medications in the perinatal Period

  • Pain in Breastfeeding

  • Pumping

  • Unexpected C Section

  • Postpartum Bleeding

  • Hand Expression

  • After Birth Recovery

  • 4th trimester tips from Postpartum Doula

  • The importance of a prenatal class

  • Cystocele

  • Feeding About More Than Eating

  • brain development/ nervous system development

  • Diastases Recti Care

Requested Top 5 Things Topics by Moms

  • Note: Possibilities are not Limited to Topics Below. Share Your Valuable Knowledge on Anything Missing Below.

  • Cluster Feeding

  • Allergies

  • Tips for Dads (4th Trimester)

  • Clogged Ducts / Mastitis

  • Spit Up

  • Tongue Tie

  • Smart Gear / Stock for Vaginal or C Section Delivery

  • Hormone Recovery Post Birth (Process)

  • Tearing (Recovery)

  • Giving Yourself Grace for Still Looking Pregnant After the Birth

  • Financial considerations

  • Physical Experience Milk Coming In

  • New Mom Mindset - "It’s ok to be overwhelmed / not perfect. Cut yourself some slack, you just went through a huge change!"

  • How To Create Routine for Baby When Going Back to Work

  • Perinatal Anxiety

  • Sleep & stress cycle

  • Preeclampsia- pre and post delivery

  • relationship prep

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