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Community Care Fund

Significant disparities exist in quality maternal mental and physical health care. A primary reason many who need support do not reach for the help is COST and ACCESS to safe, culturally congruent care. The Community Care Fund works to bridge that gap for birthing people and parents in our community. 

Mental Health Support

Struggles with mood (depression, anxiety, rage, OCD, bipolar and more) are very common during pregnancy and the postpartum period.

Your are not alone. You deserve support.

If cost or finding a provider is an obstacle to getting needed mental health support, we want to help you.

Please note: Our ability to grant services is dependent on funding at the time of your submission. An application submitted does not guarantee services. Must reside in Mecklenburg County.
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Community Doula Program

Comprehensive free birth doula services in combination with resource navigation, mental health and peer support.


1. Currently must be pregnant & live in zip codes - 28204, 28206, 28208, 28217, 28216, 28269, 28262 or be housing insecure.

2. Must identify as Black and receive Medicaid, be un or under-insured.

3. Willing to participate in full program including group support sessions, education, mental health screening, surveys and communication through 6 mo. after delivery.

Must reside in Mecklenburg County. Space is limited.


Meet Our Village Team


Village Community Doula Program Short Sheet

Meet Our Village Team

IMG_3712 - Jasmine J.jpeg

Jasmine Johnson


Jasmine is a South Carolina Native who has a deep-rooted passion for mothers and children which in turn birth her non-profit Butterfly Blessings, Inc. Butterfly Blessings, Inc is a diaper bank based in the Charlotte Metropolitan Area. She is a certified birth/labor doula who has been known to have a “great doula voice”. She takes pride in her ability to help mothers bring their precious gifts earthside.

Jasmine is a mother of two who is not afraid to bring her own experiences into the birthing space to empower women during their birth journey.
IMG_5715 (1) - Jammin Lewis.jpg

Jammin Lewis

E*Powered Doulas

With a professional background in education, counseling and early intervention, I have always had a heart for children and families. I am a certified birth and postpartum doula with a strong belief that armed with knowledge, moms can self-advocate and partner with their care provider regarding their health. My approach is to cater to your mind, body and spirit. I will provide you with invaluable information to help you: understand the intense changes happening in your body, prepare questions for doctor visits, create birth plans, and enter labor from a place of insight and authority. Prenatal sessions are thorough, covering everything from understanding the birthing process to possible interventions and comfort measures/relaxation techniques. As a mom of three and a grandmom, I am excited to bring knowledge, warmth and love to your expecting family.
IMG_7504 - Desiree Williams.jpeg

Hope Desiree

Back to Roots Holistic Wellness & Birthkeeping

My style of doula is to empower women and their choices by educating them on their natural ability, helping them navigate their journey, while trusting their intuition. I specialize in taking a truly holistic approach to supporting the journey of motherhood , taking note to honor the transformation and spiritual aspects.
Screenshot 2023-12-27 at 1.08.34 PM.png

Kaffia Radiance Gammon

Mother Radiance Pro Massage & Birth Services

With Black women being the most vulnerable to dying in childbirth and having my own traumatic delivery experience, I wanted to be a light at the end of the tunnel for Black mothers. I became a Doula to advocate for Black mothers and Black babies in a system that isn’t always looking out for their best interests. I am also a licensed neuromuscular massage therapist certified in prenatal, labor, and postpartum. Specializing in offering mothers a well-rounded healing experience of the body and soul.I would describe my practice as nurturing, size inclusive, emotional intelligent, spiritually intuitive, and trauma sensitive. I am lgbtqia+ ally and committed to listening and respecting the wants and needs of my clients and their families.
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Amara Jenel

Mother Wholistics Healings

Amara, a versatile wellness practitioner, supports mothers in every stage of motherhood. As a comprehensive birth worker, she advocates for her clients throughout the entire perinatal journey, prioritizing the overall wellness of each individual. Specializing in prenatal and postpartum yoga, trauma-informed care for those with previous traumatic birth experiences, and serving as a full spectrum doula, Amara also acts as a motherhood life coach. She guides mothers in embracing new identities after birth and nurtures their lifestyles amidst the changes motherhood brings.

A’myrah Bates

Ase Douka Service

IMG_4348 - Jasmine Parham (Afia Tehuti).jpg

Jasmine Parham

Yemaya Sacred Support

I strive to assist mothers and their families by suggesting evidence based research and a holistic approach. Birthing families should be able to make their informed choice on what they decide is best for their baby. I am here to guide and support what decision is made. I am a labor/birth and postpartum doula, placenta encapsulation specialist, and a peer breastfeeding support specialist.
IMG_6975 (1).JPG

Brooke Rucker

Essentially Yours Doula Services

Brooke is a passionate advocate, empowering families during the transformative journey of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum, ensuring they feel supported, informed, and empowered every step of the way. With a deep commitment to nurturing mothers and babies, she channels this enthusiasm into her role as the owner of Essentially Yours Doula Services. 

With over 16 years of marriage and four children, Brooke intimately understands the joys and challenges of parenthood. Growing up as a military child, she has lived across the US, as well as in Germany and Doha, Qatar, fostering a love for new experiences and community. This diverse background enriches her advocacy and dedication to family support.

Meet Our Village Advisors

5AE29A6D-3530-416C-8AC3-DEA462C30974 - Kenyetta TheDoula.jpeg

Kenyetta Garth

Beautiful Moments Doula Care

I am supportive, soft spoken but stern when needed, I am who you need me to be. I rent birth pools, I'm a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist and a Labor Doula Trainer. I am also a Midwife.
106999709_10158063239946001_3766291281781940956_n - Bonnie Anderson.jpg

Bonnie Anderson

Community Resource Navigator

I'm Bonnie Anderson, and I'm a lot of things. Chief Chaos Coordination for a blended family of 5 kids, babywearing educator, certified mental health peer support specialist, social work master’s student, survivor of perinatal mental health disorder and early miscarriage, wife to a rockstar therapist, birth advocate, and as you might expect, coffee enthusiast. As the Community Navigator for The Village, I provide perinatal mental health education, screening, and referral along with resource connection, peer support, and baby holding/snuggling services. I’m the one that calls or texts to say “How are you doing? No REALLY, how are you doing?”
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