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Perinatal Mental Health Support in Charlotte, NC

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Community Care Fund

Because Mood Disorders In Mothers Are Rising.
21 % of birthing people will battle a mood disorder during the perinatal period (pre- Covid #'s).
It jumps to over 30% in people of color and it does not just go away on its' own.

Because Traumatic Births Are Rising.
30% of births are experienced as traumatic (pre - Covid #'s)

Because Racism In The Birthing Experience Is Real.
Birth outcomes statistically improve when supported by a Black OB or midwife.

Because Perinatal Mental Health Services Are Expensive & Often Inaccessible.
Medicaid in NC offers mental health care for mothers for only two months post delivery.
The average therapeutic session costs between $120-$200 depending on insurance, co-pays & therapist.

Because Maternal Mental Health Is Infant Mental Health.
The mental wellbeing of the mother, or primary caregiver, in utero and after delivery can have lasting impacts on the infant's
ability to form a secure attachment which influences cognitive and behavioral development.

If money, transportation or childcare is an obstacle in your accessing
needed mental health support services, please apply below. Please note this funding is need-based and dependent on funds available. We cannot guarantee financial assistance. 

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