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The Mind Body Baby Perinatal Support Directory is a free resource offering access to organizations and practitioners who focus on the parenting and caretaking journey for new and expectant families in Charlotte. 


Serving Charlotte and Surrounding Areas

Every practitioner listed in the PSD has training, certification appropriate to their specialty

and significant experience working with perinatal families.


Because the perinatal period is often replete with immense learning curves and unexpected obstacles, finding the resources you need to better inform and support your journey should not present yet another hurdle. Instead, MBB strives to simplify your access to local resources and practitioners so you can focus your energy on what matters most: you and your baby.


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Your experience matters to us. Should you wish to ask questions, express a concern or sing the praises of anyone listed, please reach out to us at collective@mindbodybabync.org.

VIDA Wellness Center


Holistic Wellness

Alison Day

Better Day Chiropractic



I offer chiropractic care from conception to postpartum and beyond. I offer home visits during labor and care immediately following the birth of the baby. I am certified in the webster technique. I provide home care exercise and nutrition recommendations.

Ana Karim

Queen City Pelvic PT


Pelvic Health

As a pelvic physical therapist, I have the dream that every women who is pregnant or has delivered a baby would be able to see a pelvic physical therapist at least once! I want women to know there is someone to walk alongside them in the journey. Along this journey we can talk about the ways the body will change and how to take care of it before, during and after pregnancy. We can work together to ensure safe exercise, postural awareness, and perineal care. Post partum care is essential and I'm here to partner with women who may be having urinary incontinence, pain, or difficulty returning to exercise!

Angel House Maternity Home


Dedicated to helping displaced pregnant adolescent and adult women in crisis realize their dreams by providing safe housing, education, comprehensive health care, personal growth and counseling. Angel House will provide a humane environment, in order to help enhance the self-image of its clients and to preserve their dignity.

Anna Braksick

FIT4MOM Lake Norman

(513) 255-4543

Prenatal/Postnatal Fitness

FIT4MOM is the nation’s leading prenatal and postnatal fitness program, providing fitness classes and a network of moms to support all ages and stages of motherhood. From pregnancy, through postpartum and beyond, our fitness and wellness programs help make moms strong in body, mind, and spirit. We meet moms where they are and help them unlock the healthiest versions of themselves. We create a space where moms can connect with themselves and each other to empower them to achieve strength in motherhood. Instructors are specially trained in prenatal and postnatal fitness. FIT4MOM Lake Norman provides fitness class options 7 days a week-you can exercise with your littles in their strollers or take some time for yourself and attend a moms-only class! Come for the workout, stay for the village!

Anna Marchese, LCSW

Collaborative InSights


Mental Health

Becoming a mother changes everything. I provide holistic mental health therapy for mothers at all stages in their motherhood journey. My passion is to help you change and heal ancestral patterns through inner child work and cognitive retraining. I blend in the connection to your body and spirit to deepen the healing work.

Annie Linville, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS



Sports and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

I've always identified as a sports/ortho PT, until I realized how little I knew to help pregnant and postpartum patients. My passion is providing guidance during pregnancy and into the fourth trimester, especially in relation to fitness and movement. I am trained to perform internal and external assessments of the pelvic floor, but focus more on applying that information to the big picture: posture, hip strength, movement, breath mechanics, and more. Women leave our sessions feeling confident in how to stay moving safely during pregnancy, and return to exercise postpartum without dysfunction.

Brenda Gajowski

She Thrives Physical Therapy and Wellness

(917) 597-9192

Physical Therapy for Pregnant and Postpartum Women

I am a physical therapist who specializes in postpartum healing and fitness, pelvic pain, and core connection. I work with women throughout the journey of motherhood to guide them into a deeper understanding of their body’s strength, function, and power.

Caila Zappala

Balance Zen


Pre & Postnatal Fitness Training, Corrective Exercise, Core Consultant

I am a pre and postnatal fitness training specializing in core strength during pregnancy and after. I use the Fit For Birth Core Breathing Belly Pump with all my clients and I teach them how to use their breath and core engagement in all movements - both daily activities and exercises that they enjoy. My goal for my clients is to learn as much as they can about themselves & their bodies while working with me - I aim to empower them so that they can have the intuition and mind body connection to make decisions for themselves in the long run. I offer group fitness (non-perinatal) that many graduated clients choose to take advantage of, but otherwise, I want my clients to do the activities they love with the information I provide. I train my perinatal clients in ways that reduce risk of diastasis, perineal tearing, pelvic floor disfunction, incontinence, weakened core, desperate TVA... etc. Basically I want my clients to have anything BUT a traumatic birth experience including that postpartum recovery. <3

Carly Fenimore

Fertility RD, LLC


Fertility Nutrition, Prenatal, Postpartum, Baby Led Weaning

Fertility RD, LLC is an integrative and functional nutrition private practice focused on individualized fertility nutrition, prenatal nutrition, postpartum nutrition and Baby Led Weaning feeding technique instruction. As a Registered Dietitian who also suffers from infertility, having been through multiple rounds of treatments, miscarriage, and now, mother of 2, I have a unique perspective. Theses experiences paired with my education and training allow me to walk alongside women during this delicate time of life with a better understanding of the fragility, physical, and emotional impacts. Together, we work to identify what can be done to aid in improving outcomes and better the quality of life for both mother and baby.

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