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The Mind Body Baby Perinatal Support Directory (PSD) is a free resource for new and expectant families in Charlotte. The directory offers access to organizations and practitioners who focus on the parenting and caretaking journey, from conception to roughly one year post-delivery. Every practitioner listed in the PSD has training and certification appropriate to their specialty, and significant experience working with perinatal families.


Because the perinatal period is often replete with immense learning curves and unexpected obstacles, finding the resources you need to better inform and support your journey should not present yet another hurdle. Instead, MBB strives to simplify your access to local resources and practitioners so you can focus your energy on what matters most: you and your baby.


Use of the PSD assumes your agreement to our terms of use and privacy policy. Your experience matters to us. Should you wish to ask questions, express a concern or sing the praises of anyone listed, please reach out to us at collective@mindbodybabync.org.

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Alison Day


Better Day Chiropractic


I offer chiropractic care from conception to postpartum and beyond. I offer home visits during labor and care immediately following the birth of the baby. I am certified in the webster technique. I provide home care exercise and nutrition recommendations.

Ana Karim

Pelvic Health

Queen City Pelvic PT


As a pelvic physical therapist, I have the dream that every women who is pregnant or has delivered a baby would be able to see a pelvic physical therapist at least once! I want women to know there is someone to walk alongside them in the journey. Along this journey we can talk about the ways the body will change and how to take care of it before, during and after pregnancy. We can work together to ensure safe exercise, postural awareness, and perineal care. Post partum care is essential and I'm here to partner with women who may be having urinary incontinence, pain, or difficulty returning to exercise!

Brenda Gajowski

Physical Therapy for Pregnant and Postpartum Women

She Thrives Physical Therapy and Wellness

(917) 597-9192

I am a physical therapist who specializes in postpartum healing and fitness, pelvic pain, and core connection. I work with women throughout the journey of motherhood to guide them into a deeper understanding of their body’s strength, function, and power.

Casey Jones

Individual and couples work around perinatal mental health, infertility/loss, trauma, parenting, family planning, and adjustment due to transition to parenthood

Carolina Family and Maternal Counseling

(980) 533-5649

I provide mental health therapy to individuals and/or couples who are exploring growing their families, experience infertility and/or pregnancy or infant loss, experience perinatal mental health challenges during pregnancy and/or postpartum, experience trauma or have experienced trauma in the past, or have difficulty navigating the transition to parenthood (including change in couple dynamics).

Cheryl Demers

IBCLC - Lactation Consultant

Charlotte Lactation, LLC


Breastfeeding is challenging and can be intensely overwhelming not only emotionally but physically and is impacted by your relationships and the support around you. Inviting Charlotte Lactation into your personal breastfeeding adventure, I will work to assist you, your baby and family with a gentle and supportive approach. My ultimate goal is meet with you prior to your baby's birth - great education and managed expectations lead to smoother breastfeeding. I also bring 20 years of experience with family relationships as a social worker. Wherever you may be in your breastfeeding journey, I would like to help you create an empowered relationship to share with your infant now and in the future.

Cynthia Wood

Infant Massage Education

Infant Massage Charlotte

(704) 743-8689

The benefits of massage for an infant are seemingly endless. Massage help to build a sense of security for your child. It helps infants grow by supporting food absorption and digestion, facilitates bonding and attachment, reduces disorganization of nerves and works to build a strong nervous system. Massage can reduce anxiety, stress and improve quality of sleep for Mom and baby and it help treat a number of common baby ailments/ obstacles, including colic, gas, nasal or chest congestion, excessive fussiness and, with special considerations, fever.

Danielle Gumb, MT-BC

Music Therapy and Development

G-Clef Therapy and Lessons

(980) 224-0905

It is my mission as a music therapist to make music accessible to everyone, and create musical space for healing and growth. In my work with new families, especially, I use music to encourage bonding and play. As my families and their littles grow I use music to help enhance developmental milestones and bring joy to everyday routines!

Darlene Ryan, PT

Pelvic Physical Therapy

Fundamental Physical Therapy

704 565 9475

I work with women dealing with pelvic dysfunction, often related to structural changes associated with pregnancy and delivery. The laxity needed to allow for delivery often creates painful instability in other joints which can be addressed through skilled PT. Often, clients need help re-connecting to their muscles after delivery prior to safely starting back to a full exercise routine. I also work with kids with bowel and bladder issues.

Destinee Washington

Doula & Newborn Care

Desi Doula with Whole Health Destiny


Desi Doula strives to look at the whole person when assessing the needs of the family. Choosing not just to assist parents with finding their way through birth and beyond but also doing that in the way that feels most authentic to the individual. Desi Doula offers birth support, postpartum support and newborn care as well as customized meal prep options.

Elizabeth Hammond, PT, MPT

Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Infant Development

Elizabeth Hammond, PT, CST, LLC


I provide Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST) services to both babies and mothers to reduce limits of function and comfort as a result of birth and pregnancy-related restrictions. CST is a gentle and high effective manual therapy that helps to alleviate tensions. Infant sessions also include addressing development.

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