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Caila Zappala

Balance Zen



Pre & Postnatal Fitness Training, Corrective Exercise, Core Consultant

Perinatal Specific Services

Physical Recovery/ Fitness, Birthing & 4th Trimester Support, Locally Owned Perinatal-Specific Businesses (non-healthcare)

Payment Accepted

Cred cards, HSA, Cash


– FFB – PregnancySāf Elite Coach 2020 - – FFB Diastasis & Core Consultant - 2020 - Pre and Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist, FFB 10/2019 Certified Sports Nutritionist, AFPA 08/2018 Exhale Continuous Education Courses 1-5 01/ 2017 Barre Certified by Exhale, Mods 1&2 09/2016 Barre Certified - Mind Body Barre 12/2015





Pro bono

Yes, by referral

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I am a pre and postnatal fitness training specializing in core strength during pregnancy and after. I use the Fit For Birth Core Breathing Belly Pump with all my clients and I teach them how to use their breath and core engagement in all movements - both daily activities and exercises that they enjoy. My goal for my clients is to learn as much as they can about themselves & their bodies while working with me - I aim to empower them so that they can have the intuition and mind body connection to make decisions for themselves in the long run. I offer group fitness (non-perinatal) that many graduated clients choose to take advantage of, but otherwise, I want my clients to do the activities they love with the information I provide. I train my perinatal clients in ways that reduce risk of diastasis, perineal tearing, pelvic floor disfunction, incontinence, weakened core, desperate TVA... etc. Basically I want my clients to have anything BUT a traumatic birth experience including that postpartum recovery. <3


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